Persian Rugs

Kerman rugs (2)

Made in the 1960’s of wool on a cotton foundation, this pair of matching 100% hand-knotted Persian rugs were produced in the Kerman region. Can be sold together or separately.

The larger rug is ivory and navy, with a medallion on an open field — an unusual coloring. Measuring 10′ x 15’4″ and valued at $9,000.00 (see appraisal letter for the above valuation).

The second smaller rug, nearly exactly matching the design, is also ivory and navy, with a medallion on an open field. Measuring 8’8″ x 12’8″ and valued at $7,000.00 (see appraisal letter for the above valuation).

Bokhara Rug (1)

The 100% Hand-Knotted rug is a Bokara (Pakistan), is made of wool on a cotton foundation and was hand knotted. This rug is ivory field and navy design, with traditional elephant foot pattern. Measuring 9’5″ x 12’8″ and valued at $5,000.00 (see appraisal letter for the above valuation).


All rugs have recently been professionally cleaned, wrapped and stored with “moth crystals” to prevent any issues of pest damage. Rugs were inspected at time of cleaning, and no repairs were necessary. Rugs are in good condition.

About Persian Rugs

A perfect handmade rug is not only beautiful, but also so durable comparing to any other rugs and last for generations, hold value or even appreciate over time, age beautifully and look prettier with age than when they were new. It is very easy to maintain and clean, just keep regular vacuuming. These qualities make handmade rugs a greater value than any other home furnishing in the amount of beauty they add to any home or office, and the value and incredibly long service they give to their owners. These handmade rugs are made manually by hand using all traditional technique by experienced artisans…keep it alive, buy only hand made rugs.


Shipping is listed as local pickup, but we can ship anywhere for an additional cost (or you can pay for packing/shipping directly). Initial shipping quotes for freight start at approximately $350 and go up based on distance.  We’re flexible on how to ship them.  Price does not include shipping charges since it will vary so much by buyer. Rugs are available for immediate local pickup, or can be shipped within 10 days (likely sooner).


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